As businesses lean on content creation and digital campaigns to up their advertising, it only makes sense that they would rely on help from industry experts to bolster their marketing. For many construction companies, hiring a marketing employee may be the most logical step in finding someone who is knowledgeable in the print and digital advertising spheres, but a simpler answer may exist.

Outsourcing your marketing to an independent contractor is a time and money saver. For an inside look at how these options differ — and which will likely be a better fit for your construction company — Build More Leads has outlined the methodologies of each below.

Tired: Managing Expensive Marketing Employees

So you want to increase your company’s visibility and up your number of clients — no doubt you’ve considered hiring a marketing employee. This, at first, seems like the smartest decision: you’d be gaining someone with years of experience to handle the day-to-day publicizing operations and long-term strategies. However, even a cursory glance of the pros and cons shows some detriments to this option.

For one, marketing employees are expensive. Their salary can go for $70,000 a year, plus benefits and taxes. On top of that, you are now their boss, meaning even though you are passing the torch your time is still very much divided in supervising their work. Mishaps and personal conflicts can impede progress, as does the potential of dealing with employee turnover. Plus, the odds of finding one person to realize all of your marketing dreams is slim, meaning you would likely need to hire multiple people, which means more time and money.

Wired: Outsourcing More Affordable Marketing Work

Given the constraints of hiring full-time employees who’d be on your books, more and more companies are turning to agencies to whom they can outsource their marketing work. The benefits of a marketing agency are both cost- and time-effective: you don’t need to manage them, they will manage you, keeping you informed on all progress via regular check-ins/calls. Your agency depends on your business, meaning they will work efficiently and diligently to be sure they are delivering results. As relationships with outside vendors are easier to end than employee ones, it is in the agency or consultant’s best interest to serve you well.

Agencies also come with a host of industry leaders, all working in your favor and bringing the market’s most cutting-edge tactics to your campaigns and strategies. An agency is also cheaper than a full-time employee — you, as the hirer, get to set how many hours a week they will work, and you can negotiate rates from there. (Additionally, these independent contractors are not subject to payroll taxes or federal employment laws.) Working for you to ensure success, these agencies are most-trusted and deliver you reports documenting your progress, new clients, and increased revenue.

If your construction company is considering outsourcing its marketing efforts, contact Build More Leads to discuss quotes, your needs, and a potential partnership.