Your construction company is up and running, you’ve got a few projects lined up, and your clients are pleased with your work. All of this is great, but don’t let it trick you: companies that are complacent are more likely to fall behind, whereas those who invest in new marketing tools are likely to earn more profit.

Maybe your company has enjoyed a string of low-bid projects, not having to stretch too far to gain new clients. But to expand your prospects and company name — and make more money along the way — you’ll need to upgrade not your services but how you publicize them.


If you’ve been on the fence about hiring a marketing agency, listen to these few tried and true strategies that highlight marketing’s importance:

Marketing Can Widen Your Reach

Word of mouth only goes so far these days. As such, it’s important that you rely on more than just referrals. Diversify your strategies to reach new audiences. Have you been placing ads in the same paper for years? Working with the same clients over and over again — or working in the same industry? You have untapped potential to grow in new markets, whether it be church renovations, commercial construction, or office building. Where would you like to see your business grow?

Digital Marketing Expands Your Online Visibility

People aren’t using phone books to find construction companies anymore. With a few clicks on Google, hungry new customers can quickly find a construction company near them. How do you make yours stand out and float to the top of online searches? Search Engine Optimization, paid advertising and Google My Business are imperative tools to make your company rise above the others. A good digital marketing agency knows how to utilize all three to take your website to the top of the search results.

The Right Marketing Builds a Brand

Making your company stand out also means making it memorable. Creating a brand — your company’s personality, specific line of work, and unique traits — allows you to separate yourself from others and play up your strengths. What do you do that others cannot? How have you excelled? Pairing these thoughts with compelling website copy will make you seem more professional and desirable to clients.

Promoting Quality Workmanship Generates Quality Leads

In building your brand, know that people would much rather have you do the job well and right the first time than quickly and cheaply. So while low-bid jobs might seem enticing and an easy way to turn a profit, your growth will likely have a low ceiling. If you want to take on higher-paying jobs and be known for your craftsmanship, not just your efficiency, you will need to invest in the marketing that will show your range, get your name out there, and take your business to the next level.

Want to up your marketing, reach, and number of clients? Build More Leads is a professional marketing agency specifically for construction companies and homebuilders. We create custom packages to help you line up new prospects — call today for more information.