Over the past decade, social media has exploded as a technique to not only connect with old friends but also position and advertise your business, and at the peak of this digital mountain is Instagram. Fantastic for customizing photos and sharing videos, Instagram is a vital tool for engagement and marketing.

But what is the way for contractors and builders to use this free app? As Instagram turns ten this year, there are a lot of ways in which the app has evolved, but don’t be discouraged by all of its flowery capabilities. Even the novice user can make eye-catching content, and sometimes less is more, and simplicity is efficiency.

Here are 4 Easy Ways to Make Use of the App to Expand Your Business and Gain More Followers

1. Get off on the right foot.

If your company does not yet have an Instagram, there’s no time to waste: powered by Facebook, this is a free app that anyone can use. Create an account, the basics of which should include a high-resolution photo or business logo for your profile image, labeling your business as a Construction Company on your profile, and creating a snappy bio (20 words or less) that describes what you do. It wouldn’t hurt to have a contact number in your bio as well!

2. What’s next?

Make your profile public so other businesses and users can easily view your content, and — when you publish your account — be prepared to have some stunning photographs to post so your page does not look naked. Don’t upload them all at once, but sprinkle them out so your followers can expect to see a new post once every week or so. And start following people and organizations you know so that they will in turn follow you and expand your network.

3. Do your research.

What kind of content are your competitors posting? Visit their pages, and don’t be afraid to steal ideas: we’re all recycling other great initiatives and strategies until a system is found that works for you. Note the hashtags they use, which, when clicked, show you other posts that share that hashtag. It’s a quick and easy way to connect online, so hashtags like #construction #newhomes or #remodeling might all be useful in catching new users who might not otherwise know about you. You can also use these hashtags to accompany short demolition and construction videos.

4. Engage!

Once you start following others, and they follow you in return, be sure to engage now and then. Like their posts, reply to their comments with something thankful and affirmative, and take note of who your top fans are. Maybe direct message them with a sale or an offer they can share with their friends. Thank them for all their engagement, and let them know you value their support.

Looking to start or build up your Instagram presence? Call Build More Leads to discuss a customizable marketing plan tailored to your company’s needs.