New year, new you! As a construction company with an emerging, booming, or established business, how can you take your work to the next level this year? Clients don’t grow on trees, so it’s important that you cultivate them to see your efforts grow and flourish.

None of this is possible without the essential aid of a marketing plan. Word of mouth can only help so much. In today’s digital world extracurricular efforts are necessary to make your company soar. If you have to “spend money to make money,” where should you put your finances? The three C’s are a good way to start: Content, Communication, and Commitments. Each entity will expand your horizons and welcome new business.

An Effective Marketing Plan Contains the 3 C’s


Something every marketer, businessperson, and company leader learned in the last decade is that content is currency. As a way to engage with customers online, few efforts are stronger than creating content. The inspiring thing is content can take many, many forms: Featured projects that showcase your capabilities, photos, Tips and Trends, time-lapse videos, testimonials — the list goes on and on.


You’ve created new content, now how do you share it? On Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, Pinterest and Houzz. The more channels you can use to ping your customers, the more you will stay in their mind. Do you have an email strategy? Have you revised or updated the content in there in a bit? How about a direct mail campaign? Consider each of these as separate ingredients all included in the same recipe, and mix them together to make one sumptuous product. Harness a few tactics and watch your engagement, awareness, and sales soar.


Your clients are the engine to your business’s sales. You depend on them for nifty projects and new opportunities, but how do you get them to commit to your team as the go-to construction company? Consider sending a holiday gift, a thank you card, or other tokens of appreciation to show they are important to you. Incentivize a tell-a-friend discount, and request a testimonial from a devoted, frequent client. Each of these bits can be spun into new pieces of content, and from there the three C’s cycle begins anew!

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