Social media is an essential part of any business’s marketing strategy. If used correctly, it can forge personal connections between a business and its consumers by engaging the audience. Often times, small business owners dive right into social media without mapping out their goals or strategies. This does not work. Without deliberate planning, online campaigns can be rendered ineffective, which is likely why  62% of small business owners report their paid Facebook ads are missing the target.

An unsuccessful campaign does not mean social media is ineffective as a platform. Rather, it signals a poorly designed strategy. To optimize your success on this crucial platform, your campaign’s content must reinforce your business goals and your overall marketing plan.

Consider Hiring a Social Media Pro

If you want to manage your social media marketing by yourself, there are endless articles with tips and tricks on the internet to assist with the development of your campaign. However, hiring a social media pro can save you valuable time that you could spend working on your business. You dedicate your life to your business, and you know the development of your industry in ways that outsiders never could. Meanwhile, marketing professionals dedicate themselves to their field, following the rapidly changing social landscape in a way that allows them to empower your business.

Many small business owners have difficulty entrusting someone else with marketing their brand that they’ve worked so hard to build. We understand their concern and encourage open communication with marketing professionals. If you hire someone with experience, knowledge, and skill in marketing to manage your social media, your Return On Investment (ROI) will ease your trepidations.

In fact, Forbes reports that the cost of outsourcing to a social marketing professional can be negligible in comparison to hiring a new employee or training a staff member. With that said, the old saying, “You get what you pay for,” reins true in marketing too.

Your online presence is crucial to your brand’s reputation. Potential customers, future business partners, vendors, and lenders are all going to check out your company on the Internet. Your branding and messaging needs to be consistent everywhere, from your website to your Instagram to your Facebook and beyond. Because they have a basic knowledge of social media from personal use, or generally undervalue its effectiveness, small business owners tend not to designate enough time, resources, funding, or staff to their social strategies.

Social media success is about more than just having an account and posting regularly. You need to:

  • Delineate which platforms are preferred for your target audience
  • Generate content that your customers really want on their feeds
  • And (most importantly) leverage analytics to constantly improve the effectiveness of your campaign

A social media expert will optimize your profiles, ensure consistency in your brand message, start and join online conversations, generate desirable content, and oversee advertising to push your company towards your goals.

Need help mapping out a smart, social media marketing strategy that will work for your business? Call us now.