2020 is a time of two viral sensations: social distancing and social media. Fortunately, the latter is benefiting because of the former. With more people at home and spending time online, your home building company has a greater chance to engage with new audiences and deepen ties to old, steadfast ones. Forbes reported that Mark Zuckerberg’s worth has swelled during COVID as users spend more time on Facebook and wisely invest in its ads. How can you, as a new home builder, wield social media during this extraordinary time to increase your followers and widen your reach online to connect with prospective customers? Here are a few social media marketing tips you might want to try.

1. Vary Up Your Posts

These days, followers want a variety of content, not just in form but style. We’re all experiencing highs and lows: what can you do to provide some fun in your feed? What amusing images might you have in your arsenal of employees on the job or humorous hiccups to share? Post pictures from previous projects that might spur inspiration. Offer tips and trends ideas to inspire. Think creatively and be sure to post about once a day, if possible, to stay fresh and current in your feed.

2. Include Videos

Video content is surging right now as people look for, frankly, things to look at. In this moment, video content can take two forms: upcycling and fresh files. To upcycle, or upwardly recycle old content, share videos of previous new construction job completions, walk-throughs, and before and after supercuts. Remind your audience of your efficient work! And for fresh files, the upside of social distancing is audiences acknowledge this is a time of scrappiness: your videos need not be professionally created. Take your phone, turn on the camera, and just talk about your building company’s news and events. We all want to check in on each other, and creating a weekly video series that you share on your social media platforms is a great and easy way to stay in touch and on top of mind!

3. Pay for Social Media Ads

As always, you can boost ads and invest in high-performing posts to get your brand in front of more people’s screens. What can you showcase during this time that might catch fire and spread virally? Are you putting any of your construction savvy to use to help organizations or people in need? Generosity can go just as far as marketing during this time; in fact, they can work hand in hand. Show off whatever good will you’re spreading, put some spend behind it, and gain new followers along the way! Once they’re in your system, they’re more likely to convert to a sale.

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