Social media is everywhere. It’s not just a pastime for millennials anymore – social media is a part of business, and an important marketing tool that builders and contractors should not overlook.

You Need to Be Social

While your website, email campaigns, advertising, and quality services are all great ways to build your reputation, social media marketing is one of the most engaging forms of marketing. From Facebook to Instagram to YouTube, you can constantly update people on your projects and satisfied clients. From there, they can engage with you by asking questions or leaving comments, which allows you the opportunity to answer them in a public setting, showcasing your knowledge, skill, and professionalism.

Plan to Post Frequently

While having a social media presence is important, it is even more critical that it be current. You want to stay relevant, so you should post frequently. Not sure what to post? Builders and contractors have a wealth of information to share: before and after photos, time lapse videos, short videos of work in progress, close ups shots of the details, wide angle photos of a larger project, drone images, links to project write-ups, and more. A minimal of time out of your day can bring life to your projects – and give you a library of marketing material.

Reach Followers AND Target Audiences

You might be thinking, “When people look for someone to build their home, they don’t search on social media.” And you’re probably right. However, with such expensive projects as home building, most clients aren’t sold right away. It takes time, and one trip to your website likely won’t convince them – they need to be reminded of your quality service by seeing your beautiful houses and happy customers on their news feeds.

As great as building your following is, you’re not using social media to become instafamous – you’re here for business. It’s not just about reaching a large audience; you want your target audience. For a nominal cost, you can get your beautiful photos and promotions in the feeds of a specific demographic. What better way to build new leads?

Let a Pro Handle Your Social Media Marketing Needs

Now, this all sounds great. It makes sense, and it works. But with all that said, where are you going to find the time? You’re busy with your day-to-day operations: balancing a budget, managing employees, and building homes. You didn’t get into this business to become a social media guru.

And you don’t have to.

Hype Marketing can manage all of this for you, among other aspects of your marketing plan, through our Everything Under One Roof Marketing Program. Schedule your FREE call today.