Part 3 of the Build More Leads Marketing Tips Series


Between Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, there were over 5.465 billion Monthly Active Users (MAUs) in 2018. Of course, there are people who have accounts on multiple platforms, but the point is: social media is everywhere, and it’s here to stay. You better embrace it.

Tips to Help Gain Followers and Increase Engagement

Fabulous Photos

Great imagery is important for a strong social media presence. By taking and posting pictures of the houses you’ve built or projects you have worked on for satisfied homeowners, you create a public gallery for all your best work. Of the four aforementioned social media outlets, Instagram and Facebook are the most conducive to regular photo sharing. Now, you might be thinking, “That’s great, but what’s the point of posting if I don’t have enough followers and friends?”

Promoting Your Posts

One of the quickest methods for growing your following is through sponsored advertising. For a minimum investment, you can promote your Facebook and Instagram posts to a specific audience you targeted by geographic location and interests. People will see your featured projects along with you your company’s name and logo, helping you grow more followers and generating more leads.

Taking Advantage of Social Media Features

There are relatively new features to platforms like Instagram and Facebook, such as Instagram stories and Facebook stories. While these stories only exist for 24 hours, they can be pinned to an Instagram account for a viewer to see at any time. Yet another process for increasing a home builder’s online following involves partnership with influencers in the community. If there are vendors, architects and designers with which you are friendly, it’s encouraged that you give them a shout-out in some way so that they may do the same.

Capturing Attention with Video

Also, uploading video content to YouTube could prove to be an extremely effective way to improve online engagement, which Builds More Leads. You can post links to the videos on your social media channels. You can limit these videos to YouTube or expand your reach to Facebook and Instagram through livestream services.

Tracking Your Progress

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, social media platforms offer analytics programs. These are essential to any company’s growth as they allow the company to monitor its social campaign’s success over time with real, achievable, numeric measurements. These analytics are fairly easy to use, and one of the keys to success.

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