Part 6 of the Build More Leads Marketing Tips Series

If you are looking to quickly generate leads, Google Ads is a great online advertising option. This platform is a fast, effective way to get your name at the top of Google’s search results and drive traffic to your website. Here is an overview of how this advertising medium works.

Float to the Top of People’s Searches – Fast

Google Ads is an efficient way to capture the attention of the online audience searching for your services. Once your Google Ads campaign is set, your name can immediately be front and center in the search results. By using specific search terms for the services you offer – home builder, roofer, landscape designer – and targeting the towns and cities you in which you work, your business will float to the top of a Google search for the prospects you want to reach, leading more clients to your site and landing more jobs for your company.

Pay Per Click

Google Ads is a pay per click platform. This means you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. Your ad is triggered to show based on the search terms you target. Every search term has its own bid. This bid determines the position of your ad on the search results page. There are typically 3-4 ads shown at the top of the page and another 3 ads on the bottom of the page.

Customize Your Daily Budget

One benefit to Google Ads is budgeting flexibility; essentially, you get to choose how much you want to spend and over what period of time. You are free to set whatever daily budget you like and can start and stop your ads at any time. Keep in mind that the search term bids will play a large part in determining your daily budget.

Create Engaging Content

It’s important that your ad copy clearly — and concisely — communicates your mission and/or services. Think about what you want to showcase about your business and what differentiates it from your competitors and build your ad copy from there. The ads have limited spacing, so it is important to identify and communicate your key concepts.

The landing page for your ad is just as important as the ad copy. You want to make sure the landing page further expands upon the information in your ad. It needs to be informative and engaging – both from content and visual standpoints.

Increase Speed of Visibility and Sales

Search Engine Optimization can take time, but when purchasing and building Google Ads your digital advertisements can be up within a day. While they can go up quickly, it’s important to take the time to carefully create your campaign (choosing the right search terms and negative search terms and match types, targeting the correct geographical markets, setting an ad schedule, and more) and measure its success. A Google Ads campaign is never completely set. Effective campaigns are always monitored and fine-tuned.

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