You’ve poured the concrete, had countless conversations with the client, and are now finessing the details: as a contractor, you know how to expertly oversee a project from start to finish. But how do you enrich your brand, expand your services, and reach new customers?

Build More Leads is here to provide such solutions and create inroads that lead to exciting new clients. Through this blog series, Build More Leads will map out ways to harness contracting and construction companies’ potentials through innovative tactics and cutting-edge trends.

See below for a sampling of tips to come that will help reenergize your marketing campaigns and build up your business.


Branding can be an illusive marketing concept. Think of your brand as your identity: what defines your company, how does it stick out, and how is it perceived by your clients and audience?


Content is king, and blogging is a surefire way to show you are an expert in the field. Blogging helps you add informative, fresh content to your website and social media channels, as well as provides an opportunity to highlight your services.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are popular tools to connect with your audience, provide customer service, and offer engaging content. Our blog series will go into the latest techniques on how to broaden your reach.


Construction and contracting services are inherently visual; we all love to see a stunning, completed project. Video can be a key part of your content strategy, allowing you to share a portion of a job in real time.

Google Ads

These are the paid classifieds of the digital age. You have to spend money to make money, and in our blog on Google Ads we’ll dive into how we can maximize your advertising potential online.


What keywords are potential clients searching for? How do you float to the top of a search so yours is the website they click on? Search engine optimization will help your company reach new heights and gain steady traction.


An ever-popular home design website, it is important to have a profile on Houzz and populate it with projects and ideas.

Ready for more? These elements lay the foundation to help your company succeed — stay tuned for the latest tips and more as we build something together.

Build More Leads offers consultation on and services that sharpen your marketing efforts. Give us a call to learn more about how we can help build your brand and your business.