Putting the finishing touches on a detailed, time-consuming project may make you think you’ve reached the end of a project, but really it’s just the start of a new one: marketing it! Here are some tips for showcasing your work and generating visibility and buzz.

Hire a Photographer

In the world of new home marketing, imagery is everything. So, it is important to have your work be shown in the best light possible. You can take photos yourself, but do you know how to capture the best lighting and angle? A professional photographer can make all the difference in your marketing efforts.

Promote on Your Website

Your should build a separate section on your website for New Construction for Sale. Create separate pages for each home you are looking to promote. Make sure that you incorporate Search Engine Optimization so that these new construction offerings can be found when by potential buyers when they do a Google search. Add more website content on the property by writing blogs that highlight unique features, focus on the desirable neighborhood, capture the construction timeline, and other topics of interest to potential buyers.

Share on Social

Post captivating photos and links to the new website pages and blog posts on your social media channels. Pay to promote the posts to an audience beyond your followers. You can target an optimal demographic for an ideal reach.

Advertise on Google

You can quickly drive visibility on Google’s search results pages by running a Google Ads campaign. This is a pay per click platform. This means you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. Your ad is triggered to show based on the search terms you target. You control your daily budget and can stop and re-start your campaign at any time.

Tap into Referrals

Retain email addresses of those you work with and for, and share information about your current projects with your network of clients and colleagues in a monthly email or newsletter campaign.

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