Clients are the lifeblood of any business, especially construction companies. Without their individual needs, your company would have no work and thus no revenue. Many companies rest on their laurels, working with the same group of satisfied clients over and over. And while that may suit some, it can make your business stagnant. So how does your company bolster sales and increase its number of reliable clients?

3 Fool-Proof Tips to Help Your Business Broaden Its Reach

1. Advertise Effectively

More complex than it seems, advertising is the key to unlock your success. True to the old adage, you have to spend money to make money. Nowadays, there are multiple channels to funnel your resources, especially in the digital sector. Some are some ways to make the most of them:

Update Your Website: Having a landing page is not enough to guarantee sales. Yes, having your contact info there is perhaps the simplest and most essential ingredient, but the true work begins with optimizing your website’s copy to make it float to the top of Google searches. Customers will search for keywords relevant to their needs, and if your website lacks them, would-be clients might miss you entirely.

Pay for Social Media Ads: Paid advertising on Facebook is the only surefire way to get your ads in front of your target audience. Include a graphic to make a more dynamic post, pair it with pithy, compelling copy, and be sure to boost it — then, watch others engage with it to up its visibility and widen your potential market and reach.

Use Google My Business: Have you ever searched for a company and immediately, in the top righthand corner, the business is listed there with contact info? You can thank Google My Business for that. This free tool is a key way to make your business more accessible. Your free business profile lets you manage how your business appears on Google Search and Maps.

Use Google Ads: It should come as no surprise that most people will go to Google to find your services. Quickly get ahead of others on the search results pages by using Google Ads, which offers advanced advertising strategies and more to keep you fresh in clients’ minds.

2. Evaluate Your Commitments

Many construction companies might think they need to bid on every project that comes their way. This is understandable: more business, more money. But can you accomplish every task that comes across your desk? Might some be outside of your capabilities? It’s possible, and if so you should bid wisely: do not promise something you cannot commit to and successfully execute. Otherwise, your reputation, and your livelihood, will be heavily compromised.

3. Personalize the Projects

Construction is a more personal field than some might think — often, people are literally letting you into their homes to collaborate with them and improve their living conditions. How can you show your appreciation and take extra care to gain trust and a future sale? Add a personal touch: be sure to check in as the project advances to keep the client informed and empowered. Are they satisfied with the results and progress? When it’s done, tell them how much you appreciate their business: send a thank you note on your letterhead. And, finally, don’t be afraid to have an in-person conversation afterward. Remind them that much of your business relies on word of mouth, so anything the client can do to help you spread the word to their friends and family is most appreciated.

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