Congratulations! You’ve finally reached the stage where you are ready to work “on your business” rather than “in your business.” You also recognize that growth requires partnerships with a network of professionals willing to assist you with your goals and ambitions. That is why you’ve decided to outsource your company’s marketing efforts. You will find that the process of working with an agency is easier than you thought if you use the following strategies for building the best relationship possible with your virtual marketing team.

Create a Marketing Strategy

The first question any marketing agency should ask you is: “What are your goals?” Your marketing agency should always start with a strategy. They may be the marketing experts, but you know your business better than anyone. They need to know about your goals, your customers, and your past marketing efforts. By first developing a marketing strategy, you agency has a starting point for choosing promotion channels, assessing progress, and determining when and how to change tactics.

Establish Ground Rules

In order to work together effectively, everyone has to follow common rules, acknowledge the same deadlines, and meet the same standards as they would if they were working in your office. You hired your virtual marketing team for their knowledge and skills, but you need to establish your expectations regarding work ethic, performance, attitude, etc. These expectations should be customized to your brand. For example, if your company has a reputation for paying attention to details, hire a marketing team that is detail-oriented. If your brand promises fast delivery on services, make sure your team is timely and dependable regarding deadlines.

Communicate Consistently

It’s crucial to maintain open communication with your virtual marketing partners so as to work as efficiently as possible. You may not always be able to meet in person, but you can still leverage tech tools like email, texts, calls, video conference software, collaborative apps, or other chat tools at your disposal.

Meet in Person

Technology is very helpful, but those mediums should not completely replace meeting in person. As a business owner, you should schedule at least one face-to-face meeting per quarter with your virtual marketing team. Despite the potential costs of assembling the team from their various locations, meeting in-person offers substantial benefits regarding the generation of ideas and formulating relationships. Use this time very wisely, as you may not be able to solicit the ideas and opinions of the entire team in one place very often. For example, an optimal use of in-person meeting time might be analyzing current marketing campaigns, how they worked or didn’t work, and how they can be done differently.

Provide Feedback

It is crucial that you give your virtual marketing team both positive and constructive feedback so they can provide the best service possible for your company. At Hype Marketing, we always ask for client reviews/comments on marketing ideas and drafts. Additionally, we insist that clients arrange weekly or monthly calls to discuss progress, review analytics, and compare campaign performance to company goals. We greatly value frequent communication with clarity and honesty as it will allow us to make adjustments and implement your suggestions.

Choosing to partner with a professional marketing agency is an extremely important business decision. Your virtual team grants you access to resources and skills you may not currently have, all while alleviating some pressure from running your business as you have more flexibility. Creating a collaborative relationship with your marketing professionals through open communication will make your marketing strategy more effective, helping you achieve your lofty goals.

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