Your followers act like your rolodex: they are a list of potential clients, or even returning ones, and the more attuned they are to your company the more likely they are to give you their business. But one issue many businesses face is how do you up your number of followers. If you are going to put in the work to upload new posts and engage with followers, it’s important to see who your audience is and how you can continually widen it.

Build More Leads recognizes that your number of followers can be directly proportional to your number of projects, so let’s keep you and your construction company busy with these fast tips on how to up your following.

Boost your posts

Posting regularly is great, but on Facebook you have to do more than that to get in front of consumers. When you promote a post, also called boosting, you can reach a wide audience of prospects. You select the geographical region you want to target, then select the ideal audience through deographics and interests. For a nominal fee, you can get your post in front of thousands of potential Facebook followers. Boosting ads should be an integral part of your marketing budget.

Make your social handles easy to find

Your social handles should be featured on and linked to your pages in multiple locations: on your website (often seen at the top or bottom of each page) and in your email signature are two easy spots where new clients can quickly click and follow.

Create videos

Especially in construction, videos are hyper-necessary forms of content to highlight your craft and show off your skills to new consumers. Facebook also prioritizes videos, especially ones that are under 20 seconds. Each project brings with it the opportunity to film and produce something vital and new, and Build More Leads is an agency with the team and skills to help you develop this crucial piece of content.

Get tagged in other’s Facebook posts

As a business often working with neighboring companies, your posts can be a chance for cross-promotion. Be sure to tag your clients and vendors in your post when you are on the job; it may encourage them to post about your progress and tag you in return, exposing you to new audiences and boosting your following. You can even ask them to leave a review!

Incentivize following

Encourage others to follow or post by offering a discount. “Like us for $20 off your next project,” or “Tag us and receive 10% off your next project.” Make yourself more visible through low-effort, high-return initiatives.

If you are looking for a way to get more Facebook followers on your Facebook business page, Build More Leads is prepared to outline and implement a strategy so that you can focus on your construction and we can handle the marketing. Let’s construct a strong Facebook page together.