You want to increase traffic to your website, but improving your site’s search engine optimization takes time. First, you need engaging copy that uses popular search terms pertinent to your content. Then, you need to submit updated material to Google for indexing. Google then has to crawl and index the pages. Finally, it takes some time for Google to start including your website in its search results. You don’t want to wait that long. You want to drive prospects to your website NOW, and you can do that with a Google Ads campaign.

What is Google Ads?

Ads is Google’s online advertising system (formerly called AdWords) in which organizations big and small can pay to have their targeted ads placed in front of their customers in a matter of hours! Yes, hours. That means you can quickly drive targeted traffic to your website. After the campaign has been set up and you get Google’s approval (which usually occurs within 24 hours), your ads will begin running alongside Google’s search results. Google charges you when your ad gets clicked. You have control of your daily budget and the ability to start or stop your campaign anytime. You can also select many crucial keywords AND use geolocation services to target your audience down to the zip code.

Google Ads offers you countless targeting options and settings, which can seem overwhelming. Your advertising strategy needs an excellent account structure, properly managed daily budgets, the best ad copy, accurate testing/monitoring, and more. If done well, you will increase website traffic and boost revenue, but if done improperly, you can overspend on your marketing budget with a subpar Return On Investment (ROI).

Build More Leads can create and manage a Google Ads campaign for you to optimize your advertising results. Our services include:

  • In-depth research of keywords
  •  Settings configuration
  •  Landing page selection
  •  Creation of ad groups that tightly match keywords and products/services
  •  Copywriting for ads
  •  Bidding on the best keywords
  •  Analytics of website traffic and campaign success
  •  Regular tweaking of ads
  •  Monthly reports and recommendations
  • Direct ad spend billed from Google

Call us today to learn how a strategically created and carefully managed Google Ads campaign can help drive traffic to your website fast AND improve your bottom line.