Part 5 of the Build More Leads Marketing Tips Series

For builders, contractors, and trade professionals, much of your work is physical and on site. But to build more leads and generate more business, your work must also be seen and accessible online. Videos are a great way to engage with past and present clients, as well as future prospects. Studies show that video content drives more engagement and revenue. It is a medium that you should be embracing and taking advantage of. Here are some tips on how to utilize video content to enhance your company’s online presence and bottom line.

Create a YouTube Channel

If you are going to create a library of video content, you need a YouTube channel. It is the perfect place to host and organize all of your videos. You can then embed them on the pages of your website and link to them on social media channels, as well as your Google My Business and Houzz accounts. Hosting your videos on YouTube also enhances your online visibility. If they are properly optimized with the right search terms, they can be found when someone does a search for those terms on YouTube and Google.

Get on Social

Social media is not just helpful — it’s necessary. It is the easiest way to engage with your clients, show off your completed projects, and provide quick customer service. And for a visual medium like construction, Instagram and Facebook and their video features may be your new best friend. Share a story of a building coming together, or a time lapse of a building’s process sped up on video to highlight your team’s process.

Gather Your Clients’ Emails

You scored a client, now the trick is to keep them around and have them spread the word about your services. When gathering your new clients’ contact information, be sure to request their email. Then, start a weekly or monthly newsletter so you stay present in your clients’ memories by sharing recent video footage of projects you’ve finished. Graphics are highly shareable, widening your reach and impact.

Shorter Videos Perform Better

When uploading videos, it’s important to consider length. As of this year, Facebook now optimizes shorter videos, putting those further up in people’s feeds. Videos of 15 seconds or less are favored, but consider making two versions: a video of a longer, normal length and also a shorter one. The shorter one can be used as an ad while the longer one can exist in your video library and website for people to enjoy.

Vary Up Your Video Content

Videos are engaging ways to reach new audiences, but it’s important to vary up your style. Employ different tactics — variety is the spice of life! Try a Q&A with a company owner, a “Before and After” feature scanning the empty plot of land and then the house that was constructed atop it, or a time lapse showing a home’s construction. You could even provide a tutorial sharing what key tools are used and why — anything that gives your audience an inside look and makes them further trust and support your brand.

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