Plus, how to stay up-to-date on current advertising trends that actually perform

Technology is like the times: it keeps a-changin’. What that means is novel advancements present new ways construction companies can market their services, and if you choose not to act, you might get stuck in the past. So what can you do to spruce up your strategies and be at the forefront of customers’ minds?

Start by investing in new tools. Like the materials you use every day on site, tools need to be repaired and swapped out for new ones every once in a while. Print was the way to advertise years ago, but now so many efforts happen in the digital sphere. Here, we outline some of the accessible amenities you can put to use to freshen up your look and build more leads.

1. Does your website need a fresh coat of paint?

Websites aren’t so different from homes — every few years, they may need a touch up. Go a decade without touching it, and other people might start to notice as well. How best to move forward? Collaborate with an agency who can give you the best tips on website maintenance and even connect you with professional web developer to construct an attractive site, brick by brick.

2. Is social media a part of your toolkit?

Maybe you don’t use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram — or maybe you do, but you aren’t gaining new followers. Either way, your social media channels can use a lift. As free platforms to join, these are revenue-generating applications to help you broaden your reach. Like, comment, share — and see numbers grow from there.

3. Are you utilizing paid search?

Yes, you have to spend money to make money. But that doesn’t only apply to getting a new company truck or hiring more workers: you also have to drive clients to your website so they can find you in an instant. Paid Facebook advertising and Google Ads are just two important ways to ensure your construction company populates on potential customers’ screens. The more impressions you have, the greater the likelihood of a new project quickly coming in.

Need assistance touching up your outdated or out-of-practice marketing tactics? Build More Leads works with contractors and home builders to construct their marketing plans so you can stay busy constructing homes. Give us a call for a free quote or to discuss potential strategies!