Part 8 of the Build More Leads Marketing Tips Series

With nearly four million followers across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Houzz has grown to be a juggernaut for hungry customers looking for new design ideas, architectural insights, and — most importantly — businesses to hire to bring their dream homes/projects to life. Posting your business on Houzz helps get your business in front of myriad new prospective customers, and below we outline the ways to maximize your exposure and generate new leads on this useful site.

How Houzz Works

Under its “Find Professionals” section, Houzz breaks services down into four categories: design & remodeling, outdoor & garden, home improvement, and home service. Within each of these four parent categories are more specific subcategories that users can surf through to find the service their specific job requires. So, it’s important to be listed in the correct categories. Businesses with the best reviews can be filtered to appear at the top of the search!

What You’ll Need

Once would-be customers search by location and filter out their needs, they can find your business. But how do you make yours stand out? Businesses create mini-profiles on Houzz describing their offerings and sharing some of their previous jobs. You’ll want to create a concise and compelling bio and/or mission statement for your business — some profiles also add sections to their bio like Areas Served, Services Provided, Awards and Recognitions, and more. Finally, you’ll want to include photos from recent projects — the more the merrier — to both give customers a sense of your work and also entice them.

Boosting Your Reviews

Help new customers see the good work you do by kindly asking previous clients you had a positive experience with to leave you a review. Monitor the reviews that come in, and adapt your copy to show off the praise you receive and the desires of clients like yours. From there, stand at the ready with quotes — that is what most first-time customers will be seeking. They will click call or fill out a quick form with their individual needs, and then expect a speedy response so they can get started on a project. Keep an eye out for these requests, and reply efficiently to hopefully lock in a new project!

As more and more competitors list their businesses on Houzz, creating and monitoring a profile on this popular site may be an essential step in attracting new projects. Build More Leads can work with you to make and track a glowing profile for your construction company on Houzz, upping your online presence and bringing in more and more clients. Call us today — we’ll build your profile so you can focus on building houses!