You build homes, but can you build a strategic marketing plan for your growing business? Constructing homes takes diligence, patience, and tons of planning ahead — the same can be said of marketing, which helps not only increase your presence in the virtual world but also your business in the real one. Here are some tips to create a clear veneer for the digital efforts that shine behind your constructed homes’ glistening facades.

Revisit (and Refresh) Your Website

If you have a website, chances are you made it a few years ago and it’s been gathering some digital dust. Revisit your site and evaluate what you see: do you like the images used? Have you updated graphics with more recent projects? Does the copy still read as compelling and speak to the mission and services you offer today? Mull over these questions, and then consider if your website could use a makeover to feature more up-to-date and SEO-friendly content.

Use Paper!

Though many (and an increasing number of) strategic efforts today are digital-based, there is indeed a time and place for fruitful paper campaigns. How can you create an affordable, hard mail campaign that accomplishes its goals? Consider a referral system: working with reliable and steadfast clients, try sending them a letter detailing that if one of their referrals comes to you for business, they receive a discount on their next job. Or initiate a postcard campaign, mailing out a specific discount to homes in your normal working vicinity. This way you can track the codes that are used. In an age of electronic ads, your hard campaign has the chance to stand out.

Create Memorable Content

Your work in construction is a highly visual medium, meaning it lends itself nicely to the image-obsessed social media platforms of today. Leverage your finished products for the Projects section of your website and on Instagram, Facebook, and Houzz, highlighting your accomplishments and showing off your specific skills. On Insta, play with grids to create compelling and larger visuals, or perhaps try out a color scheme to add recognizability and identity to your brand. And, as always, have fun with this! Social media has come a long way from its frivolous beginnings, but it is still an amusing and engaging way to establish your tone, connect with your followers, and boast about fun projects.

Advertise Wisely

Be visible when people are actually searching for your services with a Google Ads campaign. This pay-per-click platform allows you to target specific services down to the zip code. You pick the daily budget and how much you are willing to pay for top ad placement. It is a great way to quickly get your name at the top of the search results.

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