Wintertime might be a slower season for homebuilders: it’s harder to work outdoors and some days may be called off because of extreme snow or icy conditions. But the holidays are also a highly generous time, so it could bring the perfect opportunity for promotion and new business. Below, Build More Leads outlines some tips for ways to build your business even during a slower time of the year.

Give the Gift of Renovation

Offer holiday discounts, gift certificates, and deals. Send out an email, post on Instagram, and add a banner to your website with a special, temporary offer of a discount on upcoming projects. Offer something that makes audiences act quickly, such as “Limited-time offer! Set up a renovation today and receive a 10% discount,” or “Holiday Special! When you refer a friend to us you get 20% off your next project.” Make it seem like you’re offering a gift via fun emojis in your subject line and text, and be sure to drive home that this is a seasonal-specific offer. Act fast!

Try an Instagram or Facebook Giveaway

Give a contest a whirl on social media! Post a picture of one of your marvelous recent projects with a caption defining the terms: enter to win a discount on a future project or a free upgrade, and all you have to do is like our profile and tag a friend on this post. This way, you increase your number of followers and enjoy greater engagement and brand awareness.

Take advantage of the slower months

What can you do in the winter to enhance your marketing, up your recognition, and modernize your look? Consider putting some spend behind online ads, building your e-list, and playing with search engine optimization to get more traffic to your website — all of which will set you up for a robust list of clients to keep you busy throughout the new year.

Curious about ways in which you can get new clients this winter season, and beyond? Work with Build More Leads, a company devoted to building your presence so you can build more homes. Give us a call today for a free consultation.