Tips and Strategies for Building a Strong Online Presence

Every successful company has a strong internet presence – construction companies are no exception. The key to building more leads is utilizing the right digital marketing strategy to separate your home building company from the competition.

Search Engine Optimization

The most important factor in your online success is your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as that impacts your website’s placement in search engine results. But you don’t just want your website to show up near the top of the search results – you want it near the top for your specific customer base.

That means you need more than just random keywords in your meta tags and website copy. You need background research that reveals the search terms people are actually searching for related to your services, then proper placement of those terms on your website. These steps are crucial for being found when someone Googles, “construction company near me”.

SEO should serve as the foundation for the main pages of your website, as well as Projects and Tips and Trends sections designed to increase visibility for services and local markets, enhance credibility, and generate interest.

This natural approach to search results with thorough research and analysis, takes time. Google does not simply find your site and show it to searchers overnight. While SEO is necessary and worth it in the long-run, time is money, and you may want your website in front of your customers NOW. While you are waiting for SEO to do its job, you can run a Google Ads campaign.


Google Ads

Google Ads is a pay-per-click advertising campaign in which you can display an ad that links to your website in the search results. You only pay Google when someone clicks your ad. The best part: it usually takes less than 24 to get your ad on prospective customers’ screens. You can control your daily budget and use keywords/geolocation settings to directly reach your target audience. 

While the process sounds simple, it is rather complicated. You will need an experienced agency to successfully manage a campaign and handle all of the details, which includes:

• Extensive keyword research and analysis
• Configuration of settings
• Appropriate landing page selection
• Creation of ad groups that tightly match keywords and products/services
• Copywriting of ads
• Setting and adjusting keyword bids
• Monitoring and analytics
• Testing/tweaking ads
• Monthly reports and recommendations
• Direct ad spend billed from Google

Social Media

Social media is an important element of a home builder’s digital marketing strategy. Used properly, it can showcase your work and create personal connections between you and potential customers. Simply put, you need to engage your audience. 

Most owners jump into social media without mapping out their goals or strategies, or they simply don’t have time to manage their social media marketing. The benefits of social media are then lost. Hiring marketing professionals that understand social can save you valuable time that you could spend working on your business. 

The same way you dedicate your life to your business, marketing professionals do the same – and they follow the constantly changing social media world in a way that allows them to grow your business.

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