Few mediums are as visual as construction: you start from dirt and build upwards, literally creating from the ground up. While this can seem ordinary or the norm to those in the business, those on the outside might have a more engaged, curious eye. That’s where video comes in.

As our phones and technology develop, video footage has become easier to capture and increasingly necessary as an ingredient in your marketing toolbox. To put it bluntly, potential clients want to see what you can build, and video offers them an efficient and enjoyable way to understand your work. But what steps should you take to create a video, and what are some ideas for new content? As industry experts for marketing your construction business, Build More Leads takes a look at the techniques you should implement this year.

1. Invest in decent technology

Like with building a house or completing a renovation, the quality of your tools will dictate the quality of your project’s outcome. As such, it may be wise to get a phone with a nice camera, or a video camera itself, to show off your work. The newest iPhone takes amazing quality video. Think about investing in a drone to take bird’s eye view videos.

2. Utilize free channels

YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are three video-friendly platforms that are completely free to join and use. Create accounts on each and showcase your videos. It’s okay to repeat clips on each channel — different users will engage on different platforms — but if you can find small ways to distinguish the content so it looks like you have more original videos out there, do feel free to get creative.

3. Create engaging content

You’ve got the device, you’ve signed up for an app’s account, now you’ve got to build the content. But what to make? In an industry like construction, there are a plethora of options. Vary up your videos to present fresh faces and scenes: some of the many video options include customer testimonials, demolition projects, time-lapse footage, after walk-throughs, jobsite safety tips, interviews with project managers, and even a post about you shopping for a key product needed for the job. Share the content you’d like to see, attract new followers, and watch your business grow!


In need of fun and up-to-date video content? Build More Leads can help you create not only engaging videos but also a content calendar so you’re always showing off your latest project and attracting new clients. Get a quote today!