Part 2 of the Build More Leads Marketing Tips Series

Construction companies know how to focus on the project at hand, but how often do they focus on their most important product: the namesake brand?

Brand can be a slippery term; it’s simple yet all-encompassing, hard-to-define but vital. Some say brand is how others talk about your company with their friends, family, and peers. All to say, brand is how others perceive you, the tone you set, and the quality of work you execute.

If Your Contracting Company Is Looking to Define a Sturdy and Sound Brand, Start with these Three Tips:


  1. Define your work

Yes, your company builds things and finishes projects — but what kinds? Do you build from the ground up? Like to focus on remodeling? Or, are you known for having a singular, niche talent? State your skills clearly on your website and any print materials so would-be clients know what to expect, and let this mission guide each of your jobs, meetings, and new projects.


  1. Share your multitude of experience

You’re a leader and expert in the field, so don’t be afraid to show it! Share testimonials from pleased clients, post exciting videos of recent jobs, and show pictures of the before and after products, create a projects section on your website and showcase your work. These are all engaging ways to connect with audiences, widen your brand recognition, and give validity to your craftsmanship.


  1. Up your social media game

Social media is a place for storytelling, customer service, and brand expansion. On its various channels, you can establish your company’s tone — serious? funky? level-headed? — via your copy and content. Discover what your audience most enjoys, “likes,” and comments on and see how to create likeminded content that properly reflects your company and increases incoming projects.


Looking to define your brand? These tips are just the foundation for your marketing strategy. Build More Leads has the building blocks to help your company succeed. Call today to learn about our various packages — ones always tailored to your specific needs!