It’s no secret that the world’s economy has stalled during COVID. This will affect homeowners and how they choose to allocate funds, thus impacting construction companies’ business. But while this time may mean you have fewer projects onsite, it’s a great time to revamp and invest in your business online.

In every recession, it is the businesses who spend on marketing that weather the storm, survive the crisis, and come out the other side stronger than before. What amazing marketing ideas can your construction company use to stay ahead? Below are some digital tips to keep your online presence up and your marketing tactics fresh.

1. Email Wisely

These days, people are inundated with emails: COVID updates, business deals, messages promising strong hygienic protocol as businesses reopen. How do you, as home builders, communicate with your list? There is a business path to follow, which can include any of these potential touchstones: an update on your operations, checking in with your customers to see how they are doing, thanking them for their support during this difficult time, and content from previous jobs to remind them of your brand and successes. You may need to shift copy, email strategy, and deployment times while customers are spending more time at home — see what open and click-through rates are like, and adjust as needed.

2. Invest in SEO

You would be ill-advised to use this slower moment to not invest in search engine optimization. First, customers are spending more of their day online given the greater amount of free time they have, thus offering more opportunities for exposure and digital impressions. And second, any slowing down on your part only gives other construction companies more of a leg up when business as normal resumes. Within your means, take the time now to spend on SEO so that your company continues to be at the top of people’s feeds and searches. Your investment today will pay off tomorrow!

3. Google Ads

Create a Google Ads pay-per-click advertising campaign that spreads awareness and drives traffic to your pages. It might sound simple, but there are a number of steps involved. The good news is that under the auspices of a steady manager, the returns of each of the below offerings are quite profitable. Retaining a marketing agency that is experienced in running Google Ads campaigns for builders and home improvement professionals can benefit your business, as they have the knowledge and expertise to:

• Conduct extensive keyword research and analysis
• Configure settings
• Select and/or create appropriate landing pages
• Create ad groups that tightly match keywords and products/services
• Write engaging ads
• Set and adjust keyword bids
• Monitor campaign performance
• Test and tweak ads
• Provide monthly reports and recommendations

There are many other ways to spend in the digital sphere during these unprecedented times, including on social media, which we’ll dive into in our next blog.

If your business is looking to expand its network and reach new clients, consider collaborating with Build More Leads, trusted marketing experts who build your profile so you can build houses. Call today!