Downtime is a natural part of any company’s ebb and flow. There will be periods that are so hectic you’re unsure everything will be completed on time, and then there will be dry spells where you’re waiting for new work to come in. Those dry spells might seem disappointing, but look at them as an opportunity to reorient, tune up, and — most importantly — lay down a marketing plan to establish a steadier stream of business. Below, we outline five ways to make the most of your time while business is slow.


1.  Hire accordingly

Turnover can be high in any industry — do you have enough team members needed to complete upcoming tasks? Are there more or specialized workers you’d like to add? Take the temperature of your organization and act efficiently. Plus, a slow period may be a good time to reinforce job training or safety protocol with your team.


2. Take care of paperwork

Insurance, certifications, and other essential paperwork can expire over time. Use the downtime to take care of these pesky tasks that, though small, can cause big issues in the long run if not handled. (And when you are busier, they’ll be the last thing on your mind.) So update that registration and handle the insurance now while you’ve got the time!


3. Tune up your equipment

Just as important as your employees is your equipment. Go too long without taking care of it and your Bobcats, tools, and other high-power technology will lose steam and fade more quickly than it should. Maximize your downtime to get the most out of your investment — get it tuned up so you can go the distance.


4. Set goals

Okay, you’ve got a slow period — that’s fine! But where are you sitting financially right now? Did you set a goal last year, and are you able to evaluate if it was achieved? January can be a slow time: the holidays are over and the weather is not ideal for big exterior projects. So how can you learn from last year’s efforts and implement how you’ve grown into your work? The answer to expanding your business may lie in the final tip:


5. Establish a marketing plan

When you’ve got some downtime, making a concrete marketing plan is likely the most crucial thing you can do for your company’s longevity. When working with a list of clients who may come and go, you must constantly work to stay ahead and create content to attract new customers. Advertising isn’t going anywhere, so take a look at these tips to see how you can expand your publicity and build more leads!


Creating a marketing plan is more important than you may thing, and can be more work than meets the eye. Still, it is a vital part of your development and expansion. Let Build More Leads work with you so you can do the work that matters. Call today for more information.