Every construction and homebuilding company needs many tools for success. Given the industry, sometimes these tools are literal — and sometimes they’re more abstract, like your website. A website is where visitors will go to get a sense of your brand and decide whether or not to call you and collaborate on a project. But what should be on your website to entice viewers and clients? To help your company succeed, Build More Leads has put together a list of five essentials every home construction company or home contractor website must have.

1. Highly Visible Contact Info

In a way, your contact information is most important. If someone likes your work but doesn’t quickly see your number or email they’re not going to dig any further to find it. Make it easy for would-be clients to find this information: have it on top of every page, and also have an easy-to-find Contact Us tab with all of your relevant information (name, address, number, and email).

2. A Portfolio

You’ve worked on a multitude of projects — don’t be afraid to show them off! Your portfolio should be regularly updated with your best and favorite projects to give your viewers a taste of the magnitude and diversity of your work. Try showing off a few different projects so people can understand your versatile skillsets.

3. A List of Services

Be sure to list out the services you provide. Create a Services tab in the top navigation of your website. This tab can link to a main services page or have drop down navigation for pages for each type of service you offer. By providing separate pages for each of your services, you expand your online visibility and have more opportunities to showcase your work and capabilities. Always add an “and more” at the end of a bulleted list of services as well as language about calling for a free consultation.

4. A Blog

If bricks are the stepping stones for building a home, content is that for building new leads. Having a number of blogs on your website about recent projects, what’s keeping you busy, or how-to guides for at-home projects will keep your website fresh, make it float to the top of Google searches, and cement your status as an industry expert for visitors on your site. These blog posts also provide great content for your social media channels.

5. Positive Customer Reviews

In a digital age where it’s almost too easy to be ruined by one bad review, it’s important to feature positive press and feedback on your site. If you’ve been working with a number of clients on multiple projects, gently ask them if they’d be willing to share a quick testimonial. This need not be more than a sentence or two — just enough to help spread the good word. Word of mouth is still a helpful marketing tool, especially if it lives on in perpetuity on your site!

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